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PCB material

PCB Material

Printed circuit board is the most important part of electronics. The PCB material is the most cost of the whole PCB. So,before PCB design, you need to know which material is the best for your product.PCB design is just a first step,you also need to know the application environment of PCB,such as outdoor,underwater,high temperature.Good meterial can support long life for your eletrical equipments.

Normal FR4 material with TG130-135.

Applications: Reinforcement laminate, Potentiometer, Resistance,
Comsumer electronics,Toys,etc
Here is the datasheet.
  1. KingBoard KB-6160
  2. ShengYi S1141
  3. NANYA NP-140TL
  • UVB and AOI
  • Excellent heat resistance and mechanical properties
  • IPC-4101C/21 specification is applicable
KB6160 material
KB material

High TG material

Suitable for high aspect ratio and high layer PCB.Widely used in computer,communication equipment,precise apparatus and instrument,router,medical equipment,etc.
  1. Shengyi S1000-2
  2. ITEQ IT-180
  3. ISOLA FR408 (we do not have now.)FR408 is widely be replaced with S1000-2 or IT-180 or TU-768
  4. TUC TU-768 (any layer HDI PCB,we prefer use TU-768 material)
  • Higher heat resistance;
  • Lower Z-axis CTE;
  • Excellent thermal stress resistance;
  • High thermal shock resistance;
  • Excellent PTH reliability.
  • Pcbway offers some popular High Tg materials:
  • S1000-2 & S1170: Shengyi materials;
  • IT-180A: ITEQ material;
  • TU768: TUC material.
S1000-2 ,TG170 material
high TG material
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High Frequency material (RF board,Microwave)

Applications:Cellular Base Station Antennas and Power Amplifiers.RF Identifi cation Tags.Automotive Radar and Sensors.LNB`s for Direct Broadcast Satellites,etc
See our RF board.
  1. Rogers RO4000 series
  2. Tacanic TLX series RF35
  3. Arlon AD250 series ,TC350L
  4. PTFE, F4B, F4BM,
  • Low dielectric tolerance and low loss
  • Stable electrical properties vs. frequency
  • Low Z-axis expansion
  • Low in-plane expansion coeffi cient
Rogers material
Rogers material

Rigid Polymide

SH260 are widely used in Aeronautics and Astronautics,Ultra multi-layer PCB (>10 layers),Outdoor PCB,Long-term High Temperature Environment PCB.Coal Mine ,etc.
  1. Arlon 85N
  2. ShengYi SH260
We recommend to use SH260 material. you can find the difference with Arlon 85N.It is high performan material, and the cost of SH260 is only a half of 85N.
Rigid polymide material
Properties Condition Unit SH260 1.2mm H/H Arlon 85N 1.0mm H/H
tg TMA 255 ﹥250
Td 5% Loss,10℃/min@N2 423 416
Thermal resistance T300 min ﹥60 ﹥60
Flammability UL 94 -- HB HB
Water absorption PCT‐105KPa/120min % 0.36 0.54
PCT (2 Hours) dipping@288℃,10 Sec -- ﹥10 X ﹥10 X
Z‐axis CTE (50‐260 ℃) TMA % 1.2 1.2
Dielectric breakdown D‐48/50+D‐0.5/23 kV kV40.5 --
Peel strength 288℃/10s N/mm 1.19/1.23 1.10/1.17
Flexural strength @200 ℃ GPa 20.5 ---

Aluminum material

Applications:High brightness LED lighting/backlight module,Power electronics (inverter, transistor, DC/DCconverter, regulator),Automotive (regulator, power module),Audio (equalizer, amplifier).
  1. Bergquist (The material is very costly,but it is top quality in the world)
  2. Polytronics (Very popular MC material ,made in TaiWan)
  3. ChaoShun (Very good Aluminum material supplier in China)
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Excellent solder heat endurance
  • Excellent solder heat endurance
Aluminum material

High CTI 600V PCB

CTI is Comparative Tracking Index.
CTI is a quality item that refers to copper clad laminate which is widely used in home electrical appliance or other high-voltage(110V, 220V) electrical apparatus.It is a simulated conditon that the PCB is polluted in its working environment, which result in leakage or short-circuit at the track gap of the PCB surface, being accompanied by heat releasing and charring.
ShengYi S1600
  • CTI>600V
  • Tg 135
  • Td 310
high CTI 600V  PCB material
high CTI 600V PCB material

High Tg, Halogen-free material

Due to the more and more strict RoHS requirements,many
printed circuit boards have to use Halogen-free material.Especially
for some Intelligent devices.
For high layers board,high TG and Halogen-free is required.
10 layer PCB,HDI circuit boards must use this material.
ShengYi S1170G
  • Anti-CAF capability
  • Lead-free compatible
  • Excellent through-hole reliability
  • Halogen, antimony and red phosphorous free
High Tg, Halogen-free material
High Tg, Halogen-free material