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Printed Circuit Boards Technology

Printed Circuit Board is a complex prodcut,it is one of the most widely used technological components today, used in everything from cell phones to smart home devices to military equipment. And when you work in the technology and development industry, you need access to the most advanced PCBs available.When we get a product, we may can not see the key technology,but it it there. like Apple phone,the main PCB in the cell phone has any layer HDI technology,that is a bit complex to do ,even some small headsets, it looks so small but why some headset only sell tens of USD,and some can sell with thousands of USD?

PCB Capability
Storm Circuit offers a full range of PCB products,1-28 layers,flexible PCB,Rigid-flex circuit boards,HDI,high frequency PCB,RF circuit boards,microwave circuit boards.
Layer count Production:1~28layers / Prototypes:30 Layers
Thickness Production:394mil(10mm)/ Prototypes:12mm
Material FR-4,High TG FR4,Halogen free,Ceramic filler,PTFE(Teflon), F4B,FPC Polymide,mix stack, (Arlon,Rogers,Taconic,,Nelco,Isola,Alu board,Copper board)
Trace/space 3/3 mil (0.076/0.076mm)
Copper weight 1-12oz
Hole Mechanical 6 mil (0.15mm) / Laser 3 mil (0.075mm)
Dimension 1230mm X 560mm (under 450*500 is preferred)
Finishing HASL ,HASL Lead Free, Immersion Gold, ENEPIG,Immersion Tin , OSP (Entek), HAL+Gold fingers,,Immersion Sivler
Special Burreid vias,blind vias,Countersunk holes,impedence control , burn-in board

Tips for PCB design From PCB manufacturing side

  1. File format ---Gerber with 274-x is preferred to manufaturing. If you send us with original design file ,please send PDFs to see how the board looks like. Do not forget drill file in zip to us.We can read Altium, Protel , Eagle. KiCAD, PowerPCB, ODB++.
  2. The best PCB dimension to do and assemble is under 200*300mm,max 450*450mm for normal boards. if under 25.4*25.4mm,please panelise or contact us free to panelize for you .
  3. Add at least 5mm frames at two sides ,10mm at each sides is the best when loading.
  4. Some customers need mouse bits (tab) to connect boards,not v-groove. The stamp holes should be in 0.5-0.8mm.Contact us to get details for tab connecting.
  5. Impedence control board,please inform us width/space ,layer,and what value you want.see an example.
  6. Heavy copper PCB,you need to enlarge copper width and space.
  7. The standard stack up for multilayer board. Download here
  8. The check list for PCB manufacturing.Download here.
  9. How to generate gerber and drill files from Altium? pls see click.
  10. How to design Flexible circuits or Rigid-flex PCB? Here is a A guide book for designers of flexible circuits and Rigid-flex.
Do not forget the layer order to PCB is Top/G1/GP1/Bottom or Top/GP1/G1/Bottom. You can define the layer order in gerber or drawing file.
CAM Engineering
Our MI and CAM engineers have 5+ years experience.the left side is an example that many customers designed inner layer short or open circuit.
We have the eagle eye to pick this out and optimize the designs to perfect manufacturing process.

Open Circuit Design Not Good Design Perfect Design

HDI holes design tips


0.5mm pitch BGA design tips

0.5mm pitch BGA

0.4mm pitch BGA design tips